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My Closing Career

make 6-10k/ month without...

Going to college, or working a 9-5.

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Tired of the rat race?

we're here to help.

Shurpa's Inc. mission is to change the way the world views education.

Over the last 4 years, we have helped over 1,000 students start and scale their own e-com business.

My Closing Career is Shurpa's second product launch, and is designed to help you make a career change.

This isn't just any "career change" High Ticket Closing allows you to make $6-10k/ month, while working fully remote.

High Ticket Closing is simple: You sell a companies high ticket coaching product, and you earn 10-15% commission for every sale.

How do we help: We will teach you the art of High Ticket Closing, and then find you a job.

Our Guarantee: We will find you a job within 16 weeks, or we will keep working with you for free until we do.  

My Closing Career 

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The time is now.

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About us

we're built different

Shurpa's Inc.

Founded by Hayden Ditto in 2019. Designed to beat the modern education system.